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Our firm take pride in ourselves in offering effective non-surgical solutions in a relaxing atmosphere that help both females and males the face and sin tone for Additional Self-esteem.

Are you feeling down about your appearance?

Are you noticing the fine lines are getting worse?

Wrinkles mostly appear on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun, including the neck, top of the forearms, face and back of the hand. There are 2 kinds of wrinkles – deeper furrows and fine, surface lines. We can’t stop wrinkles from forming. After all, we can’t stop the process of ageing. However, we can delay the onset of wrinkles and look younger than our real age.

Other factors cause wrinkles to form prematurely. These factors include heredity, skin type and smoking. You cannot control all of these factors, but you can do something about smoking and sun exposure. Quit smoking and minimise sun exposure.

If you are bothered by the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, you can consider HIFU. It’s a non-invasive and painless way of reducing wrinkles. Results last up to 2 years.
The procedure is also skin-friendly. It tightens the connective tissue and lifts the brows and face. HIFU stimulate elastin and collagen production using ultrasound waves. The final result is still noticeable 3 to 6 months after treatment.

Why Choose Our Non-surgical Facelift Hifu

The ultrasound waves accelerate and activate the healing process of the body in the neck and face.
As a result, sagging skin tightens itself and becomes firmer. It doesn’t require any cream or any artificial filler product.

Be In Control Of Your Ageing Process

HIFU depends on the natural regenerative capability of the body. It targets deeper layers, so the skin surface is not affected. You can continue your daily activities right after treatment. 

The ultrasound waves warm the tissue, which stimulates a natural response that triggers a regenerative process by producing neo-collagen. Lasers target the uppermost skin layers to counteract wrinkles, pigmentation changes and fine lines. The process bypasses the surface of the skin and focuses completely on the skin’s deep, structural layers where collagen is present.

HIFU can be used for wrinkle reduction, correction of facial shape, non-surgical face lifting, cheek lifting, chin reduction, eyebrow lifting, lacrimal sac reduction, lifting of the forehead and frown lines as well as nasolabial folds, skin-smoothing treatment after liposuction and décolletage tightening.

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How HIFU Works with Added Confidence West Bromwich -

Repair & restore the natural collagen for natural pain free results - So How Does it work?

The ultrasound examination is moved over the target areas allowing the ultrasound waves to stretch into the underlying connective tissues and produce the skin-tightening effect you desire.

Since the overlying skin layers stay unaffected, lifting can be done without any trace. This process can be done on the whole face to lift sagging skin. HIFU can treat the eyebrow area, neck region, cheeks and chin. You can choose to treat all areas at once or target only one area.

A single treatment lasts depends on the spot to be treated, but it’s usually between half an hour and 2.5 hours.
Great results are usually achieved after only a single session. Additional treatment may be done no earlier than 8 to 12 months after the first. Using special cosmetics is recommended to promote collagen regeneration and growth.

Plastic surgery comes with a lot of risks, such as scarring. With HIFU, you don’t need to worry about scars. Since the upper layers of the skin are untouched, you can resume your usual routine right after treatment. In some cases, swelling or slight redness may occur. However, these side effects will quickly subside after a few hours. 

Patients may also feel a light tingling sensation and sensitivity to touch that can past for a couple of weeks. Temporary local numbness and bruising may also occur, but these cases are extremely rare. If they do occur, they will disappear after a couple of days.

Some contraindications that you need to know include pacemakers, metal implants or silicone injection in the treatment site and blood disorders. For your peace of mind, talk to your doctor about your desire to undergo HIFU treatment